Scott Foster

President of Wellco

John Carlo Pattaguan is an outstanding web developer.  He is a WordPress master and able to provide innovative, elegant solutions to any issues.  John is very honest, a fantastic communicator and easy to work with.  Working with John is better than developers that charge twice as much.  I highly recommend hiring John.

Neil Matthews

WordPress Consultant

I've worked with John for several years at up until the point I sold the business. He is an excellent WordPress developer with first rate technical skills. What makes him stand out is his proactive approach to work, he needs little to no supervision and the work "just gets done". If you need a WordPress developer I would not hesitate to hire him. 

WP Care Plans Includes....

Backup Service

I will provide daily backups. Backups include all files and data. We have Off-site storage. I will provide a download link if you need it.

WordPress Updates

I will make sure that your WordPress, Plugins and Theme are up to date.


Protect your website. I will make sure your sites are clean, and I will harden the security of your WordPress site

Uptime Monitoring

When your WordPress website is down, you’re losing visitors and with that revenue. I'll make sure that your site  is monitored, 24/7.

Vulnerability Updates

With WPScan Vulnerability Database, we can easily check the plugins that are vulnerable so we can take an action.

Website Recovery

If your site goes down, we’ll restore the most recent backup for you. In most cases, we can have your website back online in less than 60 minutes.


I will send keep you updated by showing data and report on that happening on your websites. I'll make sure that you get what you pay for.

cancel anytime

If you're not happy with the service, you can cancel anytime. No hard feelings 🙂

Your website needs to be maintained properly.

WordPress is a dynamic platform that regularly receives new updates to improve features and functionality.

My WP Care Plans will take care of your website first, so you can focus on your business.